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The announcement was made during a televised address detailing additional nationwide measures to curb the spread of COVID-19. A global health crisis stemming from the spread of the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 is dominating headlines across the globe. Geoff Thompson came from Dublin to Luxembourg in 1989 with a background in IT. He now works in Marketing & Communication and has been active in launching and operating online news services in Luxembourg for almost a decade.

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  • Although cinemas were permitted to open in England from 4 July, actually finding one to visit proved challenging.
  • “Just to see what’s happening in the first few weeks, assess whether it’s safe and all.”
  • No one knows when the theaters will reopen, when actors will be able to rehearse in safety or when audiences will feel confident that attending a show won’t kill them.
  • In addition to the excellent line-up of local movies, many factors played a role in the rebound, enabling audiences to feel optimistic about returning to cinemas.

This image released by Disney/Marvel Studios’ shows Scarlett Johansson in a scene from “Black Widow.” Many of the Marvel Studios movies shoot in Georgia, which is rapidly becoming a test for how the film industry will reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic. A movie theatre is closed Wednesday, March 18, 2020, in Phoenix due to the coronavirus. Experts say the film industry may have more trouble bounding back than previously thought. But perhaps the most significant decision in terms of the future film landscape was that of Universal, with Trolls World Tour. The second film in the popular animated gonk karaoke franchise bypassed cinemas and went straight to VOD, catering to a grateful audience of frazzled families grasping for entertainment options.

It was the biggest digital debut ever and later surpassed the revenue total of the first Trolls. Add to that the fact that online distribution recoups the studio a greater percentage of the revenue – around 80% compared to 60% of cinema ticket sales, and the implications become clear. What’s remarkable is how reassuringly ordinary the whole experience is. Online booking automatically enforces social distancing around your chosen seats. Not that that’s an issue with our screening – there are only six other people here. There’s a plexiglass screen between the box office and the punters, a roped-off one-way system, staggered start times and wall-mounted hand-sanitisers.

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While it may be a tough time for the industry, this isn’t the end of the modern film culture we’ve come to know and love. The theater experience is series online tv something special that will continue to have demand. There is a sense of belonging in movie theaters and film festivals that streaming can never replace. Looking at the billions of dollars and theater real-estate to be lost is intimidating.

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It’s also changed the way that these companies measure — or at least spin — success or failure. “The Many Saints of Newark,” for instance bombed at the box office when Warner Bros. released it last fall, but it helped drive interest in the studio’s streaming cousin, HBO Max. China has become the world’s largest market in movie viewers, cinema screens, and box office revenue. Over the past decade, the Chinese Film Culture Industry experienced rapid development and growing sustainably and still potential for further development.

The relative success of outdoor cinema – even in the UK, which traditionally doesn’t have a culture of drive-ins – is also indicative of a pent-up desire for wide theatrical releases among audiences and distributors. That is in part behind Digital Cinema Media’s advertising partnership with outdoor cinema company Hideaway Cinema. These anticlimaxes, coupled with the reality that much of a release’s financial success is tied to its opening weekend, means studios have a big incentive to shift back to wide theatrical releases as soon as possible.

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Even major cinema multiplexes are still struggling on the back of debt they accumulated before the UK went into lockdown. While restrictions have eased somewhat it will be a while still before many can enjoy an indoor experience at more cinemas. According to Sunlife, the ability to go to the cinema, having a haircut and going out for meals has saved the over 50s £316 during the last 12 weeks of lockdown.

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Shuttered cinemas have driven filmmakers to screen their movies online, either for free or for fees, while prepping their next films intended to be released on the big screen when things have resumed their due course. Distributors, too, are re-releasing some of their theatrical hits online to capitalise on the free time of a quarantined population. Film archives around the world — usually the guardians of pure, collective cinema experience — are also streaming classic films and archival clips online while their cinematheques are closed . With theaters closed, this rule of thumb for movie distribution is gone. Major studios like Warner Media and Disney DIS DIS premiered or will premiere major 2020 and 2021 film productions in their direct-to-consumer streaming services.