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Ibiza Dropdown content’s nightclubs are famous the world over, but its pockets of peace and quiet are worth the trip alone. Few cities can compete with the style and youthful energy of Berlin Dropdown content , while Dresden Dropdown content has also become a favourite backpacker hangout. Then head south to Munich Dropdown content , where Bavaria Dropdown content’s capital boasts everything from snowy scenery to beer-fuelled Oktoberfest Dropdown content. Soak up some history in the medieval streets of York Dropdown content , then make the trip north to stunning Edinburgh Dropdown content .

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  • I’ll be honest I still leave a pretty good tip, especially if I had a great waiter who was patient with me and walked me through the menu and made suggestions.
  • Even though it’s so easy to travel around Europe, don’t spend all of your time on a train, plane or car!
  • I’m not sure what you mean by tour–if you mean a guided trip, they can of course be very fun with the right group, but I wouldn’t say you need one for this route.
  • Each case has two smooth wheels and a wide soft grip non-locking handle.
  • For a longer trip, start in London and take the ferry or channel tunnel to France Dropdown content, transforming this road trip into a pilgrimage between Europe’s holy trinity of artistic hubs.
  • You may want to consider getting a Rail Pass.When you travel Europe by train, be sure you know the rules for each country.
  • This guide to train travel in Europe gives tips for avoiding pricey mistakes or confusion.

Trains – Train travel is a great way to see Europe, albeit sometimes not the most cost-effective or efficient. Most European rail companies allow customers to purchase tickets online in advance, which is recommended for faster trains or popular trains like France’s TGV and Germany’s Deutsche Bahn. Intercity train prices vary wildly from country to country, depending on whether you take the slow train or a high-speed train, and how far in advance you book. If you’re planning a trip during peak months, book as much of it as you can in advance. Flights, even with budget airlines, can triple in price! I love Scott’s Cheap Flights for finding stellar flight deals—I’ve found so many cheap flights to Europe from the US through them.

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You can bring a small laundry soap or packet of detergent, a great yarmouth boat trips portable clothesline, and some stain remover. There are great choices in grocery stores and they will not take much space but will be incredibly useful when you need to wash your underwear or socks. For long trips like this one where you will have to pack light, stylish accessories will make you feel like you’re wearing a brand new shirt, even if you’ve already worn it three times. If you are on the lookout for a packing list for Europe for spring or summer, then t-shirts are a must. Whether you are a man or a woman, a white or grey t-shirt will always look stylish if paired with the right accessories.

Europe Travel Tips: 10 Things You Need To Know In 2022

Travel insurance will also cover any personal liability issues, such as getting sued or causing any injuries. Finally, some travel insurance might also cover the costs of getting your bags stolen or lost and if your trip gets cancelled or delayed. You might have booked a nice hotel that has all the amenities you might need, but most people will travel on a budget. This means hostels, Couchsurfing, or cheap hotels, and these places might not have everything. Also, if you have many electronics, bring a small power strip. You might not have enough space to charge everything during the night if there are only two outlets in your room.

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Making reservations in advance is the best way to secure accommodations and tours, especially in peak travel season. Booking airfare, hotels, train tickets, and tours in advance also ensures that you are getting the best price. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of using ATMs abroad, you might like using a prepaid travel card instead. With a prepaid card, you can plan your budget, add a little more for unseen travel expenses, and put that amount on the account.

The company should be called Flexbus because these prices are a true flex. Caroline Costello’s travel accomplishments include surviving a 2 a.m. Whitewater rafting excursion in the Canadian wilderness, successfully biking from Dusseldorf to Cologne without a map, and gaining access to a covert pizza speakeasy in New Orleans.

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So try to mix and match 3-4 t-shirts in different colours. If your country has a visa-free agreement with the EU, you are allowed to spend up to 90 days within a period of 180 days. Keep in mind that the countdown starts on the date of your entry and ends on the date of your exit. So, for example, if you fly into an EU country on the first of the month and exit on the 15th, it will count as a 15-day stay. This means that if you are an American citizen with a valid US passport and want to travel to Europe for a limited amount of time for tourism or business purpose, you can do so anytime you want to. However, if you have more long-term plans , you will need to apply for a visa.

Add to that the astonishing number of flight delays and high numbers of flight cancellations and the situation becomes increasingly frustrating for travelers, airline, and airport workers alike. If you book a ticket from Barcelona to Rome, your ticket will be good for that specific train/departure only, so you can’t get off and back on at various stops. If you want to stop places along the way, you’ll need to book individual tickets between each destination you plan to visit. If you’re planning on an Eurail pass, my best advice is to research your routes, dates, and times in advance–many popular routes will still require advance reservations even with a pass. We’ve found that our best bet for internet access during train travel in Europe is whenever the train briefly stops at a station. If you have a SIM card that works for that destination, you can usually expect at least a few minutes of connectivity there.

While I have a lot of free tips on Europe, I also wrote an entire book that goes into great detail on everything you need to plan a trip here on a budget! Also, keep in mind that you’ll have to pay to check your baggage on these cheap flights. If you wait to pay for your luggage at the gate, you end up paying almost double. A key part of backpacking Europe is choosing how you’re going to travel to your next destination.

It is really not easy to keep it cheap in Europe, but you have some great suggestions. In Denmark, they use GoMore, a great carpooling service. I used it a lot because train tickets are ridiculously expensive!