Esther’s very first internship was at a newly-founded breastfeeding household into the a residential area in her home town

Because of it she acquired a tiny monthly internship percentage

The new nursing home is situated in a modern four-floors building that give 24-time intensive care, nursing and you will oversight for people with actual otherwise intellectual limits. Esther was allotted to the next floors for people with dementia. While the medical residence is for all those of all ages, much of the people are old. Through the their seven-month internship, Esther struggled to obtain five days each week and you will went to the newest Randstad School toward Fridays. New breastfeeding family keeps day, night and you will evening changes, but since Esther was according to the chronilogical age of 18, she was not permitted to work the night changes. She for this reason alternated day and you may night changes every week. She needed to over about three practical components: very first clean up, individual proper care and organising activities, all of which was done through the their internship at breastfeeding house.